3 Secrets to Contour Perfection

Contouring is not tricky but some girls just can’t contour a cheek to save their lives! So to help you ladies look stunningly contoured, without streaks and bad highlighting, here a few secrets from the pros:

1. Say no to shimmery bronzer.

When contouring, stay away from a shimmery bronze. Here’s why – bronze and terra-cotta shades come with warm undertones which warm up your face and make it dazzle. While makeup for contouring face comes with cool undertones and creates depth on your face.

While makeup shopping you might be tended to buy a bronzer as they all look the same, but trust us, once on your face, the difference is very visible.

2. Say yes to highlighter.

Contouring makeup and and highlighters are like peanut butter and jelly, or vanilla icecream with chocolate sauce – you get the idea. Good contouring means creating shadows with the right tools and highlighting key areas to reflect light like your cheekbones and forehead.

3. Never make contouring lines.

Visible contouring lines are a complete no-no. Seeing a contouring is simply failing at it. Even while contouring, you should see a line for just a couple of seconds, that’s it. The logic behind this is that contouring creates diffused shadows and sharp lines don’t make sense at all. The right brushes will help you achieve contouring perfection easily.

Getting Prepared For An Emergency

It seems that no matter where you live in the country, there is an emergency going on somewhere. Whether it’s a flood, hurricane, tornado, electrical outage, fire, or any other number of other things, emergencies are bound to happen sometimes. It’s helpful to have an emergency disaster survival kit at the ready for such times.
There are organizations which sell these, but it’s possible to save money by making one yourself. Purchase a bag with a zip top. The bag should be made of durable long-lasting materials.
Pack several items inside the bag, such as:
small bottles of water
non-perishable food supply
bandages and rolls of gauze
pain relievers
cleaning wipes
antibiotic ointment
vinyl gloves
hand-crank flashlight
small blanket
pair of scissors
Depending on the size of your bag, you can pack provisions for one day or a few. Keep the bag where it can be easily resourced in an emergency.
Preparing your own emergency disaster survival kit for an emergency makes sound sense. Even if you don’t think it can ever happen to you, if it does, you will be ready.